build a marketing strategy.
Build a marketing machine.

4 questions for you...

1. What does your business stand for?

2. Who are you trying to help and why?

3. How do your products and services help your customers?

4. How do you stand out from your competitors?

The secret to marketing is knowing the answers to these questions before you ever think about social media, SEO, email marketing, or even a website. Developing a Marketing Machine gives you these answers.

Ok ... so, What's a Marketing Machine?

A marketing strategy for your business.

Actually, it’s even better. It’s a foundation that will last for years to come. A Marketing Machine is a system of formulas and frameworks that define who you are, who you help, how you help, and how to tell the world.

why Build a marketing Machine?

Know what works

Every business is different. Some companies need to spend more time using a specific marketing channel. Why? Because it works. Developing a marketing machine allows you to know what works so you can do more of it.

don't miss things

Yes, marketing is telling the world about your good work, but it is so much more, and we think we’ve forgotten that fact. We are so focused on promotions that we’ve forgotten that marketing includes having the right mix of products and services, treating people well, and even your culture. The Marketing Machine looks at the full marketing circle.

Stop spending money on things that aren’t working.

Why spend time, money, and energy on a marketing channel if you don’t know how it is helping your business? Developing a marketing machine gives you confidence that you are spending money on the proper channels for your business.

Develop systems and processes

Often, we see a good start to the marketing funnel, but everything leaks out because procedures aren’t followed and roles aren’t clear. Developing a marketing machine gives you clear systems of who is doing what, when it should happen, and, most importantly, why.

Handle Marketing Internally

Day-to-day marketing functions are best handled internally. It is essential in today’s engagement and transparent culture for marketing and communications to be active and immediate. Developing a marketing machine allows you to hire specific people to do particular functions, with instructions and support when needed from us.

Get back to work

Once your machine is in place, you can get back to doing what you do best. Developing a marketing machine gives you the peace of mind to trust your team and processes. Plus, you can stop worrying about the next great marketing trend and if it will work for you.

Your marketing Strategy includes:

3 Workshops: Kickoff, Discovery, Presentation


research and goal setting

  • What’s Working: Marketing Audit + Channel Analysis
  • What Others Are Doing: Competitive Analysis
  • What You Want: Goal Setting


who you are

  • Who You Are: Your Why + Core Values
  • How You Look: Brand Guide + Mood Board
  • How You Describe Yourself: Tagline, Business Description, One Liner


who you help

  • Who Are Your People: Target Audience Personas
  • What’s the Problem: Business Story
  • Ideal Way to You: Customer Journey


How You Help

  • What You Offer: Product Matrix
  • Your Plan: Process for Helping
  • What Makes You Different: Competitive Differentiation


How You Tell the World

  • What to Do Next: Focus 4 + Channel Mix
  • How You Say It: Content Strategy + Editorial Calendar
  • How You Know Its Working: Metrics to Measure (Scorecard)

What people say

Kathryn and her team at Good Circle Marketing have been a breath of fresh air who truly allow you to breathe easier! First, Kathryn spent time understanding who NWI is and what we wanted our CareALL Brand to be. Then, for our second meeting, Good Circle Marketing put together a strategic plan that included benchmarks, an analysis of competitors, objectives, calls to action, features, and an overall messaging guide for the brand. Once the direction of the CareALL brand was decided, everything came together quickly. Kathryn and her team were great at meeting timelines, jumping through unplanned hoops, and providing detailed information for us to review. Our project was a huge success, and we are delighted to continue partnering with Good Circle Marketing for all our marketing needs!
Dori Klein
New World Imports
Good Circle Marketing walked us through a process of learning about our target market, which helped us more clearly define where our focus should be. Not only did they create the design for all the packaging of our products, but they also helped us plan and design our website, marketing materials, email blasts, and online selling strategies. Since February 2020, this brand has grown by 125%. In addition, our early estimates for 2023 show an additional 40% growth, which we believe is extremely conservative. Kathryn and her team helped us develop a great plan and walked through the implementation with us!
Tyson Pinkley
New Worl Imports

Good business starts with a marketing Strategy.