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Good Circle Marketing is powered by amazing marketing Consultants, freelancers and interns. We call it the Good Circle.

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We are Now accepting applications for Spring 2023 Juniors for a Summer/fall internship program. Applications are due May 1.

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About the Good Circle Internship Program

If you are an innovative and creative high school junior interested in a career in marketing, this internship might be for you. Being a part of this team is beneficial as interns can get real-world experience working with local nonprofits and startup businesses on a Good Project, designed to help fulfill marketing needs. In addition, interns learn what it means to be a part of the team at Good Circle Marketing, including learning about core values and strong worth ethic.

Now accepting applications for current spring juniors for a Summer and Fall internship program. Applications are due May 1.

Interns for 2022 - 2023

2023 Interns

Sally Frank, Gavie Smith, Kathryn Good, Anthony Curto, Zach Valdez

Intern Benefits & Requirements

Yes, there are some expectations, but there are also rewards.

Yes! This internship is paid hourly as you learn and work on Good Projects.

You will pick a Good Project to work on for Fall 2023. You will be helping a local non-profit or startup business with marketing. 

This summer, we will have several meetings so you learn the Good Circle Marketing process. 

Looking to learn a particular marketing tactic? Kathryn will work to make it happen.

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