Fractional CMO+ Agency Services

Bring Marketing expertise and capacity to your team at a fraction of the cost

Are you looking to augment your team’s marketing capabilities without breaking the bank? Our Fractional CMO services offer the expertise and strategic insight your business needs at a fraction of the cost.

What is a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO)?

Leverage our experience and expertise

A fractional CMO is an outsourced marketing leader in your company that provides years of strategy and tactical marketing experience to small to mid-sized businesses that need higher-level marketing.

You can leverage our experience, talent, strategy, and execution at a fraction of the investment of a full-time CMO or large agency. Most small to medium-sized companies either don’t need or can’t afford a full-time chief marketing officer or marketing director. Still, any company that wants to keep growing or take that next step can benefit from the experience, ideas, and execution that a chief marketing officer can bring.

What is the difference between a fractional CMO and a Marketing agency?

Internal Leadership. and higher level Strategy.

While marketing agencies focus on immediate needs, a Fractional CMO provides internal leadership, strategic direction, and cohesive messaging aligned with your business goals

Our founder and president, Kathryn Good, was in small to medium-sized businesses for most of her career and managed agencies. She also spent six years helping to build a marketing agency from the ground up. As a result, she has seen all sides and knows the pros and cons of working with an agency. After all that experience, she truly believes that marketing efforts are best managed inside your organization to plan and respond without delay in today’s transparent and highly responsive environment. That said, it is often hard to find and retain marketing talent at a reasonable cost. And that pain point is how our marketing leadership service was created. We want to give businesses internal marketing leadership.

In addition, most agencies are not focused on higher-level business direction. After all, they are not sitting around your leadership tables. Instead, most agencies react to your immediate business needs and provide you with what you think you need. So, unless you are a marketing expert and can provide the agency direction that aligns with your short and long-term business goals, the agency lacks leadership and goal awareness, which is a problem.

Dive deeper into the distinct services provided by a Fractional CMO, Marketing Agency, Marketing Consultant, and Good Circle Marketing in the following chart.

Fractional CMO, Model Agency, Marketing Consultant and GCM Services Model and Descriptions

benefits of engaging a fractional CMO to your business

Our Fractional CMO services offer a range of benefits. Here are a just a few things ...

    • Strategy and leadership without the full-time CMO salary
    • Attends leadership meetings
    • Sets strategy
    • Provides direction
    • Gives you a sounding board
    • Lead and empowers
    • Teaches best practices
    • Offers an outside perspective and fresh eyes
    • Keeps messaging consistent
    • Aligns marketing across the business


  • Assist in hiring and training employees
  • Manages vendors
  • Tracks goals
  • Optimize processes
  • Reduces wasteful efforts
  • Recommends marketing efforts
  • Builds the infrastructure
  • Creates SOPs
  • Creates marketing automation
  • Keeps in touch with changing trends

When is the right time to hire a fractional CMO?

Signs that indicate the need for a Fractional CMO include:

    • You don’t have a marketing leader.
    • You don’t have time or money to look for a full-time CMO. 
    • The business leader spends too much time marketing rather than building the business.
    • You have no written marketing standard operating procedures.
    • You don’t know your marketing ROI.
    • You want and need an outside perspective.
    • You have an existing marketing team that needs executive-level guidance and leadership.

Our services bridge these gaps, providing executive-level guidance and leadership where needed.


Expectations from Our Fractional CMO Services

Leadership and Expertise.

You will have a long-term partnership with us as your outsourced marketing leader. We expect to spend an average of 1-2 days per week working on your business, more at the beginning and less toward the end of the project. In most cases, we are building your internal marketing system so you can decrease the amount of time and money you spend with Good Circle Marketing. We like to work ourselves out of a job within 12 months in favor of you having a mighty internal marketing powerhouse, but of course, we are still here for support, guidance, and encouragement. Development of marketing strategy, our Marketing Machine, is required before a fractional CMO agreement begins. 


What people say?

Kathryn Good has been our active marketing director at Uniform Solutions, (DBA) Scrub Hub now going on two years. She has done a fantastic job with all marketing projects she has been commissioned to do. Kathryn Good is loyal, honest, dependable & is very knowledgeable about the needs of our company & able to implement what is required. I would highly recommend her marketing services.
Jonathan Kidd
Uniform Solutions

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