The [good] team

We are a collaboration of talented marketing consultants that give a full circle (a good circle, if you will) approach to marketing that focuses on who you are, whom you help, how you help, and how you tell your story.

About Us

Good Circle Marketing helps businesses tell the world about their good work. 

We are a collaboration of talented marketing consultants that give a full circle (a good circle, if you will) approach to marketing that focuses on who you are, whom you help, how you help, and how you tell your story. We offer marketing strategy development, tactic and procedure buildout, and outsourced marketing leadership. 

Specializing in businesses struggling with marketing due to limited capacity, resources, or knowledge, we can give you a plug-and-play marketing strategy, build your marketing systems and processes, train your team, and serve as your marketing leadership as necessary. This is especially helpful to businesses with little to no established marketing departments or a marketing department in transition.

In today’s transparent and highly responsive environment, marketing efforts are best managed inside your organization to plan and respond without delay. Let us help you empower and enhance your internal marketing.

Good Circle Marketing Nashville

Do Good Work.
Be Good at Telling The World About It.

-Kathryn Good, Founder

Our Core Values

We believe in values because values guide our choices and help explain who we are. They also let you know how you can expect to be treated.

Do Good Work.

Do good work at work, at home, wherever we are. We choose early over on-time, goals over guesses, and permanent solutions over temporary fixes.

Invest Well.

Invest well by teaching, encouraging, and celebrating. We choose contribution over comparison, development over doubt, people over profit.

Pour Out Help.

Pour out help in the form of inspiration, answers, and time. We choose more over less, clear over confusing, right now over one day.

What's a Good Circle?

Originally named Kathryn Good Marketing Consulting, this business was renamed Good Circle Marketing in 2022. So … what’s a Good Circle? 

It's Complete.

A circle is complete, whole. Just like the four marketing segments we offer that come together into a complete marketing approach: who you are, whom you help, how you help, and how you tell the world.

It's Collaborative.

A circle is a group of people overlapping and rearranging to make our circles bigger and our relationships greater. We’re all connected.

It's Movement.

As they say, what goes around comes around. It’s up to us to make what goes around – good. When we do good, we encourage others to do good, and some time or another good comes back to us.

It’s Contained Chaos.

A circle is a reminder that things may often seem crazy, but God holds our individual circle and the larger circle of our world in His hands. There may be chaos, but it is contained and controlled by someone far bigger than us.

Our Good People

Our team is small but mighty and more than ready to help you meet your business goals. 

kathryn Good -
President & Founder

Kathryn Good is a 20-year marketing expert with experience leading marketing tactics and teams for small businesses, nonprofits, and corporations. She is passionate about helping businesses become more aware of and secure in their marketing efforts. She lives in Gallatin with her husband, Seth, and their two children, Caleb and Clara.  

Rich Nickel -
Lead Graphic Consultant

Rich has worked for clients large and small in a wide range of industries. His work is informed by a lifetime of experience in nearly every medium – print, digital, photography, advertising, packaging, promotions, exhibits, signage, and entire branding initiatives. Rich lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Heather.

Lead Social Consultant

Krissy grew up in the social media era, so it’s fitting that her career led her to social media marketing. She has a knack for telling a brand’s story and creating a connection with the target audience. She’s experienced in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Krissy lives in West Virginia and she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Haleigh Holt
Director of Operations

Haleigh has seven years of experience in operations, e-commerce, email marketing, and social media. She currently lives in White House with her husband Lance, daughter Elleigh and their dog Louie. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, being outside, biking, and exercising.

John Ellis
Lead PPC Consultant

John has worked in digital marketing for over 25 years, including working with a wide variety of B2B companies, plus major brands like Arby’s, Capitol Records, US Coast Guard, George Washington University, and many others. He specializes in search engine marketing, including SEO and paid media. Plus, he has extensive experience with analytics and reporting across multiple tools and platforms. John lives in the Nashville, TN, area with his wife and daughter.

Jo Ellen
Media Communication Consultant

Jo Ellen spent the first decade of her career as a daily news reporter before becoming a journalism professor at a local university. She has 10 years of experience in non-profit communication leadership and oversees a university multimedia journalism program. Jo Ellen specializes in communication strategy, media relations, and media training. She lives in East Nashville with her four daughters.

Kristi Anderson
Lead Technical Consultant

Kristi is a 15-year marketing and technology professional specializing in website development, e-commerce, and marketing strategy. Additionally, she appreciates the opportunity to build thriving marketing teams and systems for businesses and non-profits. Residing with her family in Franklin, TN, Kristi enjoys biking, hiking, and gardening.

Emma Wiggleton
Internship manager

Emma is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University, where she studies Human and Organizational Development and minors in Business. During her senior year of high school, Emma served as the first Good Circle intern. She is excited to use her experience to mentor interns in this new role. Emma is from Gallatin, TN and enjoys reading, traveling, and running in her free time.

Jocelyn Houston
Lead Strategist

Jocelyn is a brand strategist and marketer who has led in-house marketing, brand, and communications teams, as well as held account management and brand strategy roles at a number of full-service brand and creative agencies across the United States. She and her husband Josh have two kids who attend Station Camp Elementary, a 10-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl, and two pups. When she isn’t attending a kids’ sporting event, you can find Jocelyn working out, playing piano, or cooking. 

Let's do some good work.