HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding

Take Onboarding Off Your Plate and
Make the Most of Your HubSpot Investment

Here’s What You Need

Automated Marketing Magic:

Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automated marketing that attracts qualified leads and boosts conversion rates.

Synchronized Systems:

Enjoy better data management with synchronized systems. No more silos—your data flows seamlessly across your organization, empowering better decision-making.

Enhanced Client Experience:

Elevate your client experience through automation and integration.

Lead Generation Powerhouse:

Let us supercharge your lead generation efforts for increased sales and revenue.

Informed Decision-Making:

Gain insights with comprehensive reporting. We'll set up reporting structures that provide the data you need for strategic decision-making.

Here’s What You Don't Need


We understand your time is valuable. Focus on other critical aspects of your business, and leave the onboarding process to our experts.


Don’t settle for a one-person show. Benefit from a dedicated team of certified experts who bring diverse skills to the table.

Marketing Agencies:

You deserve more than a shot in the dark. Choose a certified HubSpot marketing partner that understands the platform inside and out.

Don't Waste Any More Time.
Let's Maximize Your HubSpot Investment Now.

Services provided by Good Circle Marketing during HubSpot onboarding include:

HubSpot Setup
  • Goal Setting
  • HubSpot portal settings configuration
  • Domain and subdomain setup 
  • Email settings configuration
  • Email subscription setup 
  • Email signature template and set up
  • User permissions set up
  • Meeting Setup
  • Basic marketing chatbot setup and routing
  • GDPR compliance and privacy settings consulting
Analytics and Reporting
  • Install HubSpot tracking code
  • HubSpot analytics website integration
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Marketing dashboard set up
  • Sales dashboard set up
Data Migration and Configuration
  • Custom property configuration 
  • CRM migration/contact import
  • 3rd party + HubSpot integration
  • Define and set up lead lifecycle stages
  • List Segmentation
  • Import Opt-out lists
Marketing Setup
  • Brand Guidelines and setup in HubSpot
  • Target Audience Personas
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Templates 
  • Email subscription preferences page design and development
  • Newsletter email template
  • Social media configuration 
  • Ad configuration

Lead Generation

  • Form creation 
  • Landing page copy, design, and development
  • Lead Capture Workflow Campaign
  • Client Nurturing Workflow Campaign
  • Prospect Nurturing Workflow Campaign
  • Lead scoring setup


  • Custom documentation 
  • Custom training session
  • Support calls
  • Email support

How Long Does Onboarding Take?

The burning question: how long will this take? Here’s a sample timeline:

Weeks 1-3:

Kickoff and Setup

Let’s dive in! We’ll start with introductions and goal setting. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves to set up the foundation of your HubSpot portal and ensure a smooth data migration.

Weeks 9-12:

Reporting Setup & Final Assessment

It’s time to build! We’ll focus on marketing setup, lead generation strategies, and implementing workflows that drive results. Plus, we’ll fine-tune lead scoring.

Weeks 4-8:

Marketing Hub Implementation

The finishing touches! We’ll polish up your reporting systems, meticulously test everything, and review options for ongoing support and managed services.

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