AI and HI: Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about AI. In reality, computer technology has been around a long time with a plethora of time-saving, data-driven applications. The reason AI has gained so much press lately is because the technology has entered the world of writing and creating images. 


The truth is, these new creative tools are not actually creating. They’re using millions upon millions of data points to combine elements. This is all well and good – they’re powerful tools! But they cannot create something that didn’t exist in some form or another before. 


Here is where the intelligence of humans comes in. It’s a remarkable trait of humans to be able to imagine things that don’t exist. Hence the term “create.” People are creating new products and services and marketing people are thinking of new ways to help them sell those products and services.


As a marketing graphic designer, I’m required to create new and inspiring designs. Since I start with a blank canvas and create something that didn’t exist before, I need to fill my own mental “database” of ideas to draw from. Inspiration and sometimes unrelated elements can come from anywhere to spark an idea. Here are some things that help me get the creative juices flowing:

  • Visit Local Art Shows & Exhibits
  • Go to Art Museums and Galleries
  • Read a Variety of Books
  • Pay Attention to Billboards and Advertising
  • Observe Patterns in Nature
  • Note What Works and What Doesn’t Work 
  • And yes, use AI to brainstorm!


By combining AI and HI, you get “Smarketing” — Smart Marketing!

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